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Couch to 5K – Week Whatever!

Because of schedules, laziness, and anything else I can think of, I did not run at all last week.

I had great excuses (not wanting to leave the kids alone and sleeping while I ran, what if something happened to me while I was running and my husband wasn’t home to call — he was out of town most of the week on business, it was too hot and humid). Anyway, the reality is, I just didn’t run.

So, this morning I said I was going to get my backside out of bed and get going. I had already resolved that I would probably have to bump myself back to doing a 3 minute and 5 minute routine with breaks in between. However, I had a pleasant surprise waiting for me!

I was able to run 8 minutes, take a two minute breaking of walking and run 10 minutes! When I got to the 3 minute mark, I told myself I could actually do 5 minutes, but when I got to the 5 minute mark I felt like I could keep running and so I did. I took a 2 minute break to walk, then ran 10 minutes straight before walking the 5 minute cool-down.

No weight loss yet, but I’m joining Weight Watchers later this week. Eating out is a killer. Yesterday, we were at the mall and since I mostly eat vegetarian, I got a broccoli and spinach slice of pizza. I thought I was choosing wisely. Nope! That one slice of pizza had a whopping 750 calories in it! I would have been better off eating a slice of cheese pizza.

Oh well, live and learn!

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