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Choose To Be Happy!


Is it true? Is happiness something you choose?

I think so.

Yesterday, my husband was giving me a big bear hug and he asked, “Do I make you happy?” I thought for a moment and I responded, “I make myself happy. But I am happy to be with you and I am happy that you are my husband.”

Does that mean my husband and I never fight or never have arguments? No! We’ve been married almost 19 years and believe me, there have been plenty of disagreements in those almost 2 decades of marriage.

But even during the trying times of my life, I have always been happy. I’ve been happy because I choose to be so.

I choose to see life through a lens of gratitude and abundance. I choose to see the glass half-full. I choose to be positive.

When you see a problem, you can focus on the problem, or you can focus on the solution. I choose to focus on a solution.

When you are faced with a negative situation or a negative person, you can mire yourself in the negativity and let that negativity feed and grow, OR you can focus on the positive things in your life. You can focus on everything that is good and leave those negative situations and negative people in the dust.

Your happiness really is in your hands.

It won’t just happen overnight. If you are one of those people who have always seen the negative side of things, it will take some redirecting of your thoughts over time to recondition your mind to see the positive.

Steps To Living A Happier Life

1. Do things for others

Focusing on helping other people takes the focus off yourself. Those who only think of themselves, tend to be less happy than those who focus on helping other people.

2. Connect with people

Don’t isolate yourself. Find a hobby or something you enjoy doing and socialize with others who enjoy the same thing.

3. Take care of your body

Find time to exercise. Release those happy endorphins. Even a 30 minute walk a day will help keep your mood in the happy zone.

4. Notice the world around you

Notice the beauty of the world around you. The laughter of a child, the nuzzle of your pet, the color of the sky and the bloom of a flower. There is beauty in everything. Look for it.

5. Keep learning

Stagnation and apathy lead to misery. Ever wanted to learn the piano? Want to learn to ski? Play tennis? Learn to dance like those on Dancing With The Stars? Did you ever want to learn a new language or go back to college for that degree? You can and you should! Learn new things!

6. Have goals to look forward to

If you have no goals, you have nothing to look forward to and nothing to work for. Start dreaming again. Start believing that you can achieve anything, then turn those dreams into goals and get to work!

7. Find ways to bounce back

Have you had a setback? Have you experienced failure? Good! That means you’ve been doing something and not just sitting around. Pick yourself off, focus on the goal and not the setback and keep pushing forward.

8. Take a positive approach

As I mentioned above, stop focusing on the negative problem and start focusing on the positive solution. For every problem there is a solution. It may not be easy to find it, but trust me, it’s there. You just have to keep hunting until you find it!

9. Be comfortable with who you are

Stop wishing you were someone else. You are unique and beautiful! Embrace yourself and be the best you the world has ever seen!

10. Be a part of something bigger

Join a group or organization that has a larger focus than you can have on your own. Work for something bigger than yourself and be a part of something bigger than yourself.

I hope these tips work for you! Always remember, happiness is in your hands and is a choice only YOU can make!

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