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Are You Chasing The Wrong Goal?

Is Owning A Yacht One Of Your Goals?

Are You Chasing The Wrong Goals?

I was listening to Darren Hardy’s Darren Daily last week and he relayed a story about how he was constantly chasing his father’s approval until the day he realized he would never receive his father’s approval.

It didn’t matter how successful he got, or what achievements he reached, it was never good enough for his father. He always found fault. He stated that when he realized that, it was the most devastating and freeing moments of his life. Because at that point, he stopped living trying to be successful for his father and he started to ask himself what success meant to him.

Which brings me to today’s blog post.

A French Country Dream Home

Is owning a mansion on the list of things you really want?

What goal are you chasing and is it the right goal for you? Are you chasing a goal because it’s someone else’s dream life? Is it for money? For fame? For recognition? For acceptance? Or, are you chasing a goal because it lights a fire under you and makes you excited to get out of bed each day?

Your why makes a huge difference in whether or not you will achieve it. Why? Because if your why isn’t strong enough, it will allow you to make excuses and procrastinate.

A strong why, will push you through the bad times and uphill battles. It will see you through the times when you just don’t want to do it anymore.

If you are striving for approval from someone else and doing everything you can to please them and reach a goal you believe they have set for you, you will never be happy. You must look inside yourself and ask, “What makes me happy?”

Dare to live your dream life.

Is living in a small cottage on the beach and surfing every day your dream life?

If your idea of happiness is living in a small shack on the beach and being able to surf every day, then working yourself to death to buy a mansion and a $100,000 car will never make you happy.

If you love animals and your idea of happiness is living on a ranch or a farm surrounded by horses, chickens, dogs and cats, living in an apartment in New York City is probably not the right thing for you, even if it’s your parents’ vision of success.

Whatever it is that you envision for yourself, make sure it is truly your vision and not someone else’s idea of what success looks like.

Dream Car

Is owning a luxury sports car your goal?

And don’t get me wrong here, if your idea of success is living in a 15,000 square foot mansion in Beverly Hills and driving a $500,000 car, then by all means, that is your goal and you should go for it.

Gary Vaynerchuk wants to by a billion dollar football team. That’s something that gets him fired up. I hope he reaches his goal, but that goal is not for me.

Living in Malibu, CA is a goal.

Your goal may be to live on beach in Malibu, live in an apartment in Manhattan, or a mansion in Miami. Whichever it is, make sure it is what you want.

Sit down and think about what your dream life would look like. Really, allow yourself to dream, then adjust your goals and get to work making that dream a reality.

Have a blessed day.

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