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How Daily Habits Form Your Life

What kind of habits are you cultivating? Seriously. Habits are just that, habits. Good habits can be formed. Bad habits can be broken. So again, what kind of habits are you cultivating? Are you cultivating healthy eating habits, or bad eating habits? Are you cultivating getting enough exercise or are you cultivating a couch potato […]

What Are You Reading?

I was on Facebook the other day and someone said they were reading 3 books simultaneously. I know, it sounds impossible and crazy and what on earth is she doing? I have a confession to make. I’m also reading multiple books. All for different reasons. I’ve blogged before that one of the first things I […]

Why 50 Is Just A Number

I’m 53 and well on my way to being 54! You know what? It doesn’t suck! Seriously, I feel exactly the same inside, as I did 10, 20 and even 30 years ago. Oh, I’ve learned lessons along the way. I’m smarter, wiser and quite frankly, heavier than I was all those years ago, but […]

Live Your Life Like An Olympian

If you’re like almost everyone else on Planet Earth, you’re catching the Olympics in Rio this week and cheering for your favorites, who are probably from your home country. Over the years as we watch these elite athletes compete for gold, we get to know them through their life stories. They are our family, our […]

How To Find More Hours In Your Day

Want to know how to find more hours in your day? Get up earlier! No, seriously. Get up earlier. I’ll confess, since my kids have been out of school for the summer, I’ve been a slacker, relishing the ability to stay in bed and not have to get up and rush around to get them […]

Vegan Grain-Free Brownies

Want to eat a delicious guilt-free grain-free vegan brownie? Look no further! I’ll confess, I”m not a big chocolate person. I don’t get the cravings for chocolate that my husband and kids do. Given the choice between a slice of chocolate cake or chips and salsa, I’ll take the chips and salsa every time. That […]

Feel Free to Have Fun

When is the last time you did something just for fun? As I wrote about it last week, I downloaded the Pokemon Go app with my kids and have been having a blast playing the game with them. We’ve been all over our area catching Pokemon, getting exercise and laughing together. My husband posted a […]

Are You Taking 100% Responsibility For Your Life?

Are you taking 100% responsibility for your life? I subscribe to Darren Hardy’s daily success emails called Darren Daily. You can subscribe here. It’s like getting a little motivational success push every morning in my inbox. Anyway, today he was talking about people who are always dreaming, but never finding themselves any closer to realizing […]

Finding Joy in Everyday Experiences

Yesterday, I wrote about the new Pokemon Go game and why it’s become such a phenomenal success. Well, last night two of my children and I went to our downtown area where the hub of Pokemon activity is around here and I would say about 70% of the people down there were also hunting Pokemon. […]

Pokemon Go: Gotta Catch Em All!

Is your family wandering the streets looking for Pokemon too? Don’t worry, if they’re not, they soon will be thanks to the new app that is driving the world crazy. Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm and my family is no exception. If your kids have ever played Pokemon and wished they could […]

Hot Nights and Getting Up Early

I failed myself today. I set my alarms … 2 of them … to get up before 5 and work out, so I could then shower, dress and get everything done that I need to get done today, including writing this blog post. Well, best laid plans and all, the alarms – which were across […]

Are you a Hot Mess Mom too?

I’m a Hot Mess Mom. There, I said it. You won’t find me heading up PTA meetings or volunteering to be a room mom. I’m not leading cub scout meetings in a cub scout uniform or baking perfect pumpkin cupcakes for my kids’ classroom “Fall Parties.” My house looks nothing like the dream homes I […]

Happy Independence Day!

The Art of Work

This morning, I finished reading a book called, “The Art of Work – A Proven Path to Discovering What You Were Meant To Do” by Jeff Goins. Just like with everything else in life, when I find something great, I like to share so that others can enjoy and benefit from it too. I originally […]

How Strong Is Your Subconscious?

My husband is very political. It’s in his blood. It’s his passion and he loves it. Me? Not so much. It’s just too negative and I choose not to participate in the negativity. And it’s ALL negative, no matter which side of the aisle you find yourself. That said, he shared an article over the […]

Friday Flash Sale!!! 10% OFF Young Living Premium Starter Kits!!!

I am SO SORRY!!! I am such a CRAPPY blogger if I haven’t told you about how much my oils have changed me…then I am truly sorry about not telling you. I really don’t want how I share to keep you from something that can help you so much. GRAB YOUR KIT NOW!!! I mean […]

The Secret To A Long Marriage

Yesterday, my husband and I celebrated 20 years of marriage. Notice I did not say, 20 years of wedded bliss or 20 years married to the greatest man on the face of the planet. We were celebrating 20 years of building a life together and not quitting on each other. While we were enjoying our […]

Stop Trying!

But let your “yes” be “yes” and your “no,” “no.” For whatever is more than these is from the evil one. – Matthew 5:37 Over the weekend I received a great message. Stop trying!!! While that may seem counter-intuitive when you are dreaming big and setting goals, think about it. How many times do you […]

Never Let Anyone Steal Your Joy

Never let anyone steal your joy. Have you ever read that statement or heard it said in a conversation or from a stage at a convention? I’ve been thinking a lot about personal happiness, joy and the impact others have on us. You should never allow another person to hold that much power over you […]

The Importance of Friends – 10 Facts You Need To Know

Last night I had dinner with three women who I don’t get to see very often, but are very important to me. We used to live on the same street together years ago and one by one, all but one of us moved away. I moved to that neighborhood when my daughter was 2 and […]