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Body Bliss: How to Find It In Your Own Skin


When searching for abundance, we must find it in all areas of our lives. Including our bodies! Would you like to find Body Bliss in your own skin?

Whether you are fat, thin, muscular, flabby, skinny, chunky, or even model “perfect” most of us are rarely happy with the way our bodies and/or faces look.

We will complain, pick apart and scrutinize ourselves until we are miserable.


It took me a long time to feel comfortable in my own skin. A LONG TIME!

Growing up, I started to develop early and by the time I was in 9th grade, I had a pretty good C-cup chest size. Combine that with an otherwise very thin body and you have a recipe for a very self-conscious girl on your hands.

I would try and cover it up with looser tops or anything that would not put too much attention to my “assets.” I pretty much felt this way all through high school and all through college.

Then, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my dream of being a film actress. After a few months of living out there, I was seeing a lot of women who had bigger bosoms than mine, only their endowment was not real.

I even had “Seinfeld” incident where someone I worked with faked falling into me and after she grabbed my breasts turned to everyone and shouted, “They’re REAL!!!”

I was mortified. However, the more time I spent out there, the more I realized I had something that many women were paying a lot of money to get. It was then that I started to accept my figure. It really has to do with perception and how you feel about yourself on the inside.

That said, this was not the end of my body hate. I felt pretty good about my body until I started getting into my 30’s and had my children. I was very proud that my body could do such amazing things like grow and nourish another person; however, when I never got back to my 103 pound self, my self-hate presented itself.

I would try crash diets, weight watchers, fasting and anything else I could to get back my figure. I never have. Maybe it was lack of discipline or lack of desire. Whichever, I have never gotten back to my original weight.

Now, at 51, I find that I am not so much concerned with having a model-perfect figure as I am with wanting my body to be healthy and fit. I guess that is part of the wisdom of aging.

I no longer worry how I will look in a bikini, though I must give a hat-tip to Helen Mirren who, at 69, looks absolutely fabulous in a bikini! I am more concerned with what I am actually nourishing my body with. What is going in my body and how am I treating it?

Am I treating my body like the temple it is? Or am I treating it like a garbage disposal? Am I keeping it fit and nimble? Or am I letting it atrophy?

Here are some ways you can come to have a blissful relationship with your own body:

1. Listen to your body – Really listen to what it wants. Would it enjoy getting a nice walk? Do you think your body would operate better being fueled by a slice of watermelon, or a slice of cake? It’s like putting either premium gasoline in your tank, or a dirty, cloudy liquid that sort of smells like gasoline, but isn’t. What does your body really need?

2. Be compassionate – Love yourself. Love your body. You would not tell someone you love that they are gross and fat and out of shape. Don’t do that to yourself. Have compassion for yourself and realize that you can make things better.

3. Be forgiving – If you mess up and eat that fast-food burger, don’t beat yourself up! Just take a deep breath, forgive yourself and do better at your next meal.

4. Take care of yourself – Get sleep, eat good food and exercise your body. You cannot take care of others if you are not able to care for yourself. Sooner or later that piper will need to be paid and if you’re not taking care of yourself, you’ll find that price a hard one to pay.

5. Find balance – Don’t think that because you’re not out running marathons, or entering a triathlon, that there is something wrong with you. You are beautiful just the way you are. Find an exercise you enjoy doing. For some, that may be walking. Others may find joy in swimming. Whatever makes you feel good while you’re doing it and makes you want to do it again — Do THAT! Make the choice to eat good foods more than you eat bad foods. Eat to live, don’t live to eat.

Part of living in abundance, is living in abundance in all areas, including our health. Because let’s face it, without our health, we cannot enjoy the rest of the abundance God has blessed us with here on earth.

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