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21 Days of Prayer

Yesterday, I started 21 Days of Prayer with others who are praying over their businesses for the new year. I think it’s a fantastic way to start off the New Year.

The woman who is leading this group is Young Living Royal Crown Diamond, Monique McLean. This woman is the real deal, people. She is kind, loving, honest and she loves the Lord. Her enthusiasm is contagious and frankly, you just feel good after spending time with her, even if it is virtually.

You can join the Facebook group HERE. You can order the book/workbook HERE (though she stresses you do not have to order the book to participate).

To be clear, I’m not getting anything from recommending this group or this workbook. I just think it’s a wonderful way to start out your new year and get things off on the right foot.

Yesterday, Monique talked about giving God control of your life and how scary that is for people. She’s right. It is scary to step back and say, “God, whatever it is you have planned for me, I’m all in. Take over. I’ll do whatever it is you ask of me.” So many of us love that Carrie Underwood song, “Jesus Take The Wheel,” but how many of us keep that hand on the wheel too, along with our foot on the gas peddle and brake … just in case?

Giving up control is hard. It’s hard to relinquish management of your life to someone else. That’s when we must address our fear of letting go and letting God.

I remember Oprah Winfrey was so desperate to be in the movie “Color Purple” that she had worked herself into a frenzy over it. She talked about walking down the trail at a fitness resort and singing with tears streaming down her face, “I surrender all.” As we all know by now, God took care of things and Oprah not only was in the Color Purple, but she is one of the most successful women in the world.

Surrendering to God does not mean you will be less of yourself. On the contrary, I believe it means you will step into being all that God intends for you to be. All things work toward good for those who love the Lord. I believe that with my whole heart.

I pray that 2017 is everything you hope for. May it be blessed.

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